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When it comes to where to stay in Argassi, the city offers a wide range of hotels located in the heart of one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece, Zakynthos. While simple guest houses and resorts offer affordable, friendly rooms and package deals, studio apartments offer a private, independent place for families.

If you are willing to spend a little more on a leisurely visit to Zakynthos, consider staying at Louis Plagos beach. One of the best accommodations in Zakys is the Windmill Bay Aparthotel, which is a good choice for any week holiday if you want to escape the madness of resorts and seafront promenades and instead find a more traditional Greek atmosphere. While the popular island has a wide range of hotels with plenty of space to relax and unwind at a good value, one place we particularly enjoy visiting is the Windmill Hotels in Zante, which also offer accommodation opposite WindMill Studios. If you are looking for a quiet, private place to relax with a little sun and a few hours of fresh air, then this is one of your best places to stay inzakynthsos.

If you are backpacking around Greece and want to spend a few relaxing days, then Zakynthos is a very nice stopover. Pretty much all of the coolest attractions are within walking distance of Airbnb, so you can be sure there's plenty to explore. If you are thinking of continuing your journey around the island, you do not have to worry about finding good accommodation.

When it comes to accommodation in Zakynthos, there are a whole range of options, with most of the cheap and quality options being the norm. In this sense, Laganas accommodation ranges from self-catering apartments to private villas, hotels and private apartments.

One of the things that makes Kastelli Hotel, the most popular hotel on Zakynthos, so popular is the fact that it is reserved as a haven for adults with a charming house. However, there are some that are borderline, such as a resort, and others that are nearby, such as the Laganas Hotel.

It is also worth mentioning that Tsilivi is considered by many to be the best beach bar on the island. Opened in 2015, the restaurant is located right on Windmill Bay and offers a great opportunity to dine out by the sea without worrying about getting hungry in the city. There is even a splash pool and a decadent dining terrace, which is the perfect place to indulge in a range of classic Greek treats. It offers excellent views of the beach and a good selection of food and drinks.

The road south of Zakynthos town takes you in the other direction to the popular resort of Argassi. On the opposite side of the north is a contiguous resort with the same name but with a different name and location.

The main attraction of Argassi is the Vassilikos peninsula, where there are excellent beaches, but the main attraction is the spectacular rugged landscape that delights visitors. The VasilIKos peninsula is made up of beaches and incredible stretches of coastline, while to the north there is a traditional fishing village to discover, not to mention the ancient ruins that line the island. It is home to some of the best beaches in Greece, paired with spectacular rugged landscapes that delight visitors, such as the pristine beaches of Karpathos and the rocky cliffs of Halkidiki.

Vas in the area, including a hotel, restaurant and spa, as well as a number of restaurants and bars, to name a few.

Kalamaki is not as quiet as you might think, there are a few beach bars and taverns, but it is usually only a short walk from the beach to the capital Zakynthos. Outside the holiday town, however, there are a variety of bars and restaurants to choose from. My favourite neighbourhood in Zakynthos is Zakys Town as it offers easy access to all the other attractions of the island, while also offering a lot of good restaurants and activities. Here you will find the best luxury hotels in Zakylos, just waiting to be enjoyed, with a good selection of restaurants, hotels and spa facilities.

Windmill Bay Aparthotel is one of the best hotels in Zakynthos, overlooking the beautiful beaches of Kalamaki with a good selection of restaurants, hotels and spa facilities.

Spread over eight Mediterranean-style buildings, this adults-only hotel has a romantic flair. Zante Maris Suites (adults only) is located in the heart of Kalamaki and features an outdoor pool and sun terrace. This town is also on the outskirts of Zakynthos and is the location of the nearby Tsilivi Water Park.

As in the rest of the Ionian archipelago, Zakynthos has a reputation for art, especially literature. There are many great restaurants, shops, cafes, hotels and restaurants in Kalamaki, but it is really hard not to fall in love with the beauty of Greece. With its beautiful beaches, beautiful scenery, beautiful beaches and beautiful people, it must be at the top of the must-see list - look at places.

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More About Zakynthos