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The island of Zante is a Mediterranean paradise that offers breathtaking views of the unspoilt landscape, beautiful beaches and beautiful waterfalls. If you call it an idyllic Greek island, you are spoilt for choice between many sights and activities, as there are a variety of attractions and attractions, from the beach to the mountains and even the sea. There is also the Zante Water Village, which is the only public water park on the island.

This award-winning museum is the first in Greece to present the development of the country's naval history. The museum was built to house the cultural treasures that were saved from the devastating earthquake and fire of 1953. This museum offers visitors the opportunity to understand the history of the Ionian Islands and their cultural heritage, as the full picture of Ionian art is revealed in its exhibits. It has a large collection of paintings, sculptures, ceramics and other works of art that underline the influence of Western art on the Iiii Islands.

The natural affinity of the Greeks to the sea has remained strong for thousands of years, and this varied and long relationship is highlighted as part of the country's maritime and naval museums. The Mussel Museum of Corfu has a large collection of fish embalmed in their original shells, as well as the remains of ancient ships. This shows the link between Greek maritime history and the history of the Greek navy.

There is also a collection of many exhibits that fully illustrate the history of the Greek navy and its role in the Mediterranean. The museum is housed in a historic building on the island of Corfu, just outside the city centre, and has the largest collection of antique ships in Greece, as well as a large number of artifacts and artefacts.

Byzantine style, located in Solomou Square, in the city centre and also on the outskirts of Corfu, near the city centre.

The museum is located in the striking St. Mark's Square and is considered the most important on the island, as it is admired for its collection of fine arts, sculptures, ceramics, paintings and sculptures. The museum was founded in 1959 by an association of fine arts lovers of Zakynthos. It is very famous for the preservation of a large number of works of art from the Byzantine and Byzantine periods, as well as from other periods.

The Solomon Museum is home to carved wood and metal engravings, ceramics, paintings, sculptures and other works of art. The museum displays exhibitions of rare items from all over the island, as well as exhibits about the history of Zakynthos and its cultural heritage. It exhibits a large number of works of art from the Byzantine and Byzantine periods.

In the entrance area of the museum you can see a model of Zante, the city before the earthquake, where you can follow the changes that have taken place. In ancient times Zakynthos was inhabited and there are many beautiful monuments from ancient times, although in the 1950s a severe earthquake destroyed some of the buildings. Finally, the special significance of this museum is for tourists who have the opportunity to appreciate the plastic paintings that recreate the city before and after an earthquake. There were no earthquakes, but there were some severe earthquakes that destroyed parts of the country and buildings in 1950. After tracing the history back to medieval Zantes and remembering that the present fortress was built on the site of a much older acropoli, you can enjoy the view of this city and walk through the old city walls.

The oldest exhibit in the museum is a characteristic example of Byzantine art, and while the oldest works are representative of it, the pieces of Panagiotis Doxaras (1622-1700) are of great artistic interest, belonging to the Ionian school and naturalistic, belonging to an Ionian style. While some of the older exhibits in this museum are characteristic examples of Byzantine art, some of the older works, such as those he studied in Venice, are not naturalistic but belong to the Iian School. The Museum of Culture and Agriculture (also known as the Folklore Museum Vertzagio) is located in Pigadakia, near Alykes.

The islands of Zakynthos, bathed in the blue Ionian Sea, are an archipelago on the west coast of Greece, located between the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea at the southern end of the island chain. They are the most beautiful of all the islands, with their sun-kissed sand, beautiful beaches and beautiful scenery. Zakynthos is located on an island of about 3,000 square kilometers and is the third largest island in Greece after Athens and Crete.

The only way to get here is to take a ferry from the nearby port of Killini, which will take you to Zakynthos. You can also take a ferry to the other side of the island to the town of Karpathos, which is only a few kilometers away. The ferry takes you through the village of Zagros and then to a small village on the west coast of Greece.

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More About Zakynthos